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Glad you found my site!
To me there are no man-made things more graceful and exciting than airplanes, and among those, passenger airliners are my favorite. They are such a big part of our lives. The business, operation and physical reality of airline travel is fascinating to me.

JAL in the setting sun.

Most of my pictures come from Chicago O'Hare but some are from around and above other airports as well.
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-Scott Moler

    An update is in order.  I appreciate all the people who have signed the guestbook.  Im happy that so many people enjoyed the site.  As I read through all the comments since I last checked over a year ago, I wish i had time to write back to everyone.  My schedule doesnt allow that, but again I appreciate everyone. 
    I think I created the site back in 2000 or something and I always had the intention to share my pics in a way that made it very trouble-free to view.  I always hated (and still do) all the strings attached to websites. 
    I would just like to give a quick run-down of what has happened to me since I originally made the site.   I've taken very few photos of any airlines since my last update of Europe in 02.  Ive been some places and snapped some pics but as far as standing outside the perimeter, well I was discouraged from that soon after 911.  Airport security wasnt going to have it.  Though I am disappointed that a guy cant hang outside the airport and just have a good time, its a price we all pay for the bastards that think they have a right to kill for their retarded beliefs.  Not only was it security but much of the problem was simply time.  One could still find a nice peaceful place to watch the operations at ORD for example.  I did have a strong desire to drive over to O'hare in March when the A380 arrived, but I couldn't just leave work.  Which brings me to the main reason I have no real time.  In 2001 I began the task of getting my A&P mechanic license.  After 2 years of school full time I had finally recieved the piece of paper that said I knew what an airplane was and that I was smart enough to at least wash and wax an airplane if not change the oil and clean the spark plugs.  But with much ambition, I went to work for a company at DuPage County Airport in the Chicago area and Ive worked my way into much more meaningful maintenance procedures.  Airplanes are still beautiful but they really are not a mechanic-friendly machine.  Many four-letter words can be learned while working on planes.  As far as airlines, I dont expect to do much work for them.  General/corporate aviation is really where a mechanic wants to be.  Im more comfortable every day doing what I do.  What I have learned and done has been very valuable to me.  Ive had the opportunity to get some experience at the controls which I had never before really imagined.  Im not a licensed pilot, mainly for financial and practical reasons, but I would have a chance of landing if I had to.    Every once in a while I get to fly on the clock which just doesnt seem legal but I do it anyway. 
So thats about it.  I still get a rush when I get to travel somewhere and have to hang around the airport.  Maybe I will get around to adding some new pics here soon, I'll have to see what I have.  Scott 

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New Photos ( '01)

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