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Photos by Rory Gabriel


New Photos (6/01)
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Photos by Rory Gabriel

Rory works on the ground at IAH (Houston) and is sharing some of his pictures here.

NWA Airbus A319-100

NW A-319-100, DTW bound--This shot was taken over at Term. B. I walked out to the edge the service road to snap this. It is easy to get good shots of NW, they sit so long out on the ramp doing their final checks, you get a whole roll of film shot before they start rolling.

CO  B757-200 ER

Continental 757-200ER --The 57 in this pic was taxing in position for the #1 take off
position here in IAH. Took this on the service road after my shift was over, I
think I had to stand on the hood of tug to get this shot.

CO 777-200ER

CO 777-200ER-- I took this one out at the old Delta hanger where we now have
our maintenance. Maintenance was taxing it to gate 5 for the NRT flt.

Thanks Rory.